Monthly Archives: January 2017

I Love the Company That I Work for Now

I started working as a receptionist with the company I work for back when I had no sales experience. I felt lucky that I was hired. Most places don’t seem to want to hire people who do not have a degree unless they’re applying for a manual labor or retail position. So, I made sure to show my appreciation by working hard. My company works with a lot of high-profile clients and they use consultative selling to negotiate with their clients. I wanted to learn all that I could do that I would be able to move up and work in sales at some point, too.

After I was hired on as a receptionist, I stayed in that position for four years. I began taking on other tasks in my department that go beyond answering phones and taking messages. Soon, I was promoted to assistant to the Vice President. He said that he had been watching me and was very appreciative of my work ethic. It is true that I often went the extra mile to learn and get things done.